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NEXT Financial Group

NEXT Financial Group, Inc. is an award winning full service brokerage firm. In 2012, they were named Broker-Dealer of the Year by Investment Advisor magazine for an unprecedented eighth time!

Independence & Award Winning Service

NEXT is a network of some of the industry’s leading representatives who assist clients toward realizing their financial goals. NEXT provides back-office support to our financial professionals in every area of their practice and servicing your account. In a short period of time NEXT has been recognized as one of America’s fastest growing broker/dealers1. NEXT has also made history by winning the prestigious Broker/Dealer of the Year Award2 five consecutive years – 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005; an industry record.

 NEXT is a truly independent firm and is not affiliated with or owned by an investment or insurance company. NEXT does not have proprietary investment products so our representatives do not receive incentives to sell one product over another. Therefore, they are completely independent to recommend investment opportunities that are appropriate to your investment goals, objectives, and risk tolerance level.

As named by Investment Advisor magazine in June 2003.

Each year Investment Advisor magazine conducts a poll asking its rep readers to rate how well their broker/dealer is meeting their needs in key areas such as compliance, training, marketing, technology support, and overall performance. Broker/Dealers that are rated the highest by their reps are named “Broker/Dealers of the Year” in one of four divisions based on each B/D’s total number of reps.

A BOLD History

In 1998, a group of financial advisors decided to start a new broker/dealer unique to other firms. They agreed to start the company on the condition that all advisors would have the opportunity to take part in ownership and equity of the company.

The founding group envisioned an independent broker/dealer that gave each representative vision, values and voice. During an initial meeting, a vision for the new company that showed expansive growth in advisor production supported with world-class marketing.

In 1999, NEXT Financial Group Inc. was born. The company grew quickly, setting up headquarters in Houston, Texas, and creating its own internal Home Town Marketing company. It was not long before innovative ancillary companies were born. Each of the companies were developed in accordance with NEXT’s culture, giving every advisor the power to make decisions and give input about the company’s future.

Today, NEXT Financial Group Inc. operates under the same principles in which it was founded. It has grown while providing advisors with significant intellectual and capital resource available. The company is owned by its advisors and staff, and no shareholder owns more than 10% of the company. The Board of Directors is made up of six OSJs and all committees within NEXT are run by NEXT advisors. NEXT believes that the strength of any broker/dealer lies in its advisors. In that spirit, NEXT encourages vision and gives advisors control over their own destiny by giving them a voice, equity and revenue in everything they create.

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