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Our Process

Learning About Your Life & Objectives

The foundation of your financial plan is based on your personal goals and objectives. Visionary Financial’s role is to understand and help you with these, and in doing this, helping you make them measurable and obtainable.

Evaluating Your Current Situation

Utilizing the CWS® Investment Interview process, Visionary Financial’s goal is to discuss with you the issues which are important to you as well as uncover those which you may not have been aware existed. The more we learn from your financial records such as tax returns, investment account statements, business agreements, budget, etc., the better prepared we are to understand your current situation.


We will make specific recommendations based on our understanding of your current situation and your goals and objectives.

Implementing Your Plan

No plan can be achieved without taking deliberate action. The critical element is your commitment to making a decision and our role is to help you put your decisions into action.

Continuously Providing Service

With our busy lives today, we live with constant change. There are changes in tax laws and economic factors which may cause changes in your personal situation. To help you stay on top of these changes and keep you in control your financial fate, it is our goal to provide advice and guidance on an ongoing basis.

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